Whats new in August 2018: Backups, Identity and our Roadmap

Today I have some exciting news to share:

Restore backups

We started with the backup system in March and finally we completed it with the release of the restore feature. It took a while because we pushed other exciting features to the top of our roadmap and todo list. You can also assign a new name for the app when you restore it. This is very useful, e.g. when you have a testing environment and want to create a new app for production with all your old data.

The restore UI

The backup system also has several restrictions you have to be aware of:

  1. The old backups do no work with the restore system.
  2. The restore system is an admin feature. As a user of our cloud you cannot restore backups. Just contact us if you want to do it. One reason is that we want to continue testing it, the other reason is that the restore system could be used to abuse our free accounts by just creating new apps when you run out of API calls.
  3. When we restore a backup we create new ids for all assets, contents and other entities, like rules, schemas and so on. To keep the old ids it would be very important to delete the old app, otherwise it would cause conflicts. But this is much harder than we thought, so we decided not to delete data. We also said that we never delete stuff and we still follow this principle. When you reference a content item by it’s id you have to update this reference. This is also true for links to assets.

Squidex Identity goes Alpha

Squidex Identity (https://github.com/Squidex/squidex-identity) goes Alpha. We also added the creating of schemas to Squidex and the cloud.

The contains is available on dockerhub, documentation will follow.

Squidex Identity Login Screen

What’s Next?

So what are we focus next?

  1. We will continue testing the restore feature and make it available to everybody if possible.
  2. We will focus on small features, no feature should take longer than a week, so that we can release more often
  3. We are looking for a co-founder for marketing and sales. We would like to sell more subscriptions to our cloud to hire developers to create more samples, write documentation and improve the product in general.