Reaching New & Young Fans Through Digital: Webinar

A look at building digital engagement from the game experience up.

Last week we had a great webinar that looks at what we’ve found to work through digital with the platforms we’ve launched for 5 clients.

A few 🔑 ’s from the talk:

1. Tech is not the answer to reaching young fans, experience is

Fans don’t go to your game because your stadium seats are comfortable or hot dogs taste the best, they go for the excitement of your live game. The seats and hot dogs enhance the great experience.

When looking on how to reach new & young fans technology is not the answer, it is merely a vessel that allows us to enhance the game. Our tech answers should pull from the live game experience to build value.

2. The Fan Value Cycle

The Fan Value Cycle is something that came to us while working on platforms with our clients. The cycle starts with the Experience, pulls Engagement from that experience, Rewards the fans for engaging, and in turn gets them back to the next experience.

The goal is to have your fans complete this cycle as many times as possible throughout the season. The more cycles completed, the more value created for the fan. If we can create value through tech we can transfer that value to revenue.

This process not only keeps fans happy but grabs new fans with the incentives. This process helped the Storm sell over $15K in additional tickets last season through digital with 60% of accounts being new to their ticketing database (reaching new fans).

3. Transfer Fan Value To Revenue Streams 📱👉💸

From here we look to transfer that value to revenue streams. The key here is integration over advertisement. Whether that is gaining more information from the fan while engaging to help your sales rep build a relationship or incentivizing going to games through rewards (more games, more rewards) the more you integrate streams into the engagement the more you sell.

We’d love to chat more with marketers & digital managers in sports to get your take on our process. We are constantly refining it but have found this process to be the best for bringing value to your digital experience.

Written by Nick Lawson with SQWAD Sports. SQWAD is a digital engagement company that helps sports teams capture fans on game day and amplify their experience. We work with teams looking to build a digital experience from scratch, pull more engagement out of their current platform, or have specific goals they would like to hit with digital (sponsorship activations, database building, etc.)

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