The Inches: Stretching The Value Of Prizes

The Inches is a weekly talk that dives into some of the challenges we see and face week to week in building digital engagement with our 5 sports clients. The goal of The Inches is to share what we learned so that you can benefit in your digital engagement endeavors.

This week on The Inches: Thinking of using a prize or reward for a contest or to grow users? Join us as we dive into what we learned during a promotion for the WNBA All-Star game.

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Background: We work with the WNBA to create their in-game fantasy sports experience called WNBA MySquad. With the WNBA All-Star game approaching we saw a great opportunity to leverage the event to boost downloads & users on the platform.

The Test: Using an autographed ball (high value prize) to push downloads and usage on the WNBA MySquad app for the WNBA All-Star game. The ball would go to the user who gained the most points during the game.

The Results: Our prize did its job, giving us our highest usage & download rate for the entire season.

The Insights: Beyond just the game the prize drove downloads and usage for the entire week before the game. We saw a large up-tick in usage & downloads starting the day we began to advertise the contest. We didn’t expect the ‘hype’ from the advertising to be an effect means of driving up our numbers.

The Main Takeaways: When planning a prize contest or promotion, look to advertise for an entire week or month before, depending on the size of the prize, in order to drive usage.

Second when evaluating the value of the contest look beyond just the day of the contest to measure ROI. We gained more new users from the week prior to the game with promotion than on the day of the contest itself.

Written by Nick Lawson with SQWAD Sports. SQWAD is a digital engagement company that helps sports teams capture fans on game day and amplify their experience. We work with teams looking to build a digital experience from scratch, pull more engagement out of their current platform, or have specific goals they would like to hit with digital (sponsorship activations, database building, etc.)

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