Give Your Clients Something to Play With for Christmas

A Red Dot award winning spatial design studio Brigada has a certain image to uphold, so they can’t send just whatever to their clients for Christmas.

2014–2015 portfolio work

In that special time of the year even the most serious of businessmen want to feel like children, so I helped Brigada create gifts their clients can assemble and bake. Meet Brigadeer (2014) and Slatka Briga (2015).

Brigadeer is a laser cut plywood deer the clients had to assemble themselves. When assembled, it can go places:

Slatka Briga is a pun in Croatian that roughly translates as Sweet Worries, and it resembles the word Brigada. Slatka Briga is a kit for making the best holiday cookies. It consists of a asterisk shaped cookie-cutter and Brigahol, a secret supstance that makes Brigada’s team create unique spaces.

Yeah, Brigahol is actually alcohol.

Check Brigada’s amazing work.

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