OMG ! SSH can be faster, more secure and lot more.

I felt ignorant, shame & guilt (ISG) after reading the book ‘SSH Mastery’ by Michael W Lucas.

OpenSSH Mascot

The feeling of ISG came later though, but I got many ‘OMG’ moments.

How can you be sure you are connecting right host every time, ‘Host Keys’
How to debug your SSH configuration safely, ‘sshd -v -d -f config-file’
Speed up your ssh sessions, ‘Multiplexing’
Fine grain user and host control, ‘AllowUser, AllowGroup, DenyUser DenyGroup, Match’
Hide your host details such that a successful intruder will not able to find your connecting hosts details, ‘Hostname hashing’
Secure and relax your authentication, ‘Key logins with passphrases and ssh-agents’
Make insecure things secure, and if not rightly down, secure things insecure. ‘Local Portforwarding, Remote Portforwarding’
Quick and dirty VPN, ‘OpenSSH VPN Tunnels’
Make your X11 (‘Remote App’) more secure, ‘Full X11 Trust’
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