Notes from the apocalypse — Part 4

Drama at the airport, mobs storming TV stations, the turmoil continues in Colombo.

The old parliament building surrounded by protestors. Courtesy News First

The joy of the Aragalaya’s (revolution’s) victory last weekend, reported on here, is fading fast. For a few dramatic hours, as the President’s House and Office plus the Prime Minister’s official residence (known as Temple Trees for gracious avenue of Frangipani trees…



The year 2022 was when decades of political chicanery, outright kleptomania and divisive policies finally resulted in an economic meltdown. A youth uprising, largely peaceful, toppled the political dynasty that was help responsible. i had a ringside seat for part of it.

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Suren Ratwatte

I love airplanes and history. Trying to combine both interests in this blog, with stories of the old aircraft and the recollections of those who flew them.