First taste of success with

Since i started and, i’ve constantly been asked the question, mostly politely and skeptically, whether this will have any impact at all or no. I’ve been skeptical too, but have moved along in my dogged determination with reaching out via the web and social media.

For some unknown reason, on May 13 & May 14 has received over 1500 views; up from 100–150 each month before that. Lots of follows too. I am guessing someone influential posted something on FB.

Check the stats in the attached screenshots. People from about 10 countries or so have landed. I am guessing mostly Indians.

This is the power of the web and social media.

I am sure, and believe firmly this will happen to and we will sow seeds of Yoga and Meditation in countries which we earlier massively influenced — SE Asia, China-Japan, Middle East in particular for millennia; and have given up on our massive soft power of cultural/spiritual influence in these regions, thanks to Nehru.

Excited that i am, couldn’t control myself from sharing this tiny success with you all which has boosted my faith in this web work.

Malaysia does not permit any journal on Yoga to be published in the country. Same is the case with tens of Islamic countries. We will create an online Yoga journal in Bahasa-Malay and Bahasa-Indonesia and in Arabic, Persian, Bengali & Urdu. And we will spread it via FB, Twitter. Let them ban it if they can!

Thanks for being part of my support structure. Big thank you for this direction in life to the ‘Dronacharya (Sanjeev Sanyal) to this Eklavya (me)’.

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