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Influx Outflux Law: The Fundamental Law of Life.

Being a math student, I have always asked myself the question

“What is the meaning of equation x = y with respect to life?”

By the way, how to ask the right questions will be the new intellectual power in the 21st century. Let’s keep that for a different blog post.

Yes, so coming back to x =y, I realized a lot. Not only, I did find it everywhere, but according to the spiritual aspect of a human being, this is the first truth.

Oh! “How to find the truth?” is another opportunity for me to share my thoughts in an article.

Influx Outflux Law

I was trying to discover my passion. I realized that I really love to communicate new ideas and thoughts by journaling, writing articles, making videos, talking to people, and whatnot.

But, why? I again asked.


I discovered that, whatever I am learning, whatever I am understanding, I am doing it to find something, to answer something inside me.

So, knowledge is getting stored in my memory bank. Neurons are bursting with energy. The brain is using most of it to hold the weight of this knowledge.


But, I am a lazy person. Human beings are lazy. I need to get it out. I do it by sharing with the people. But why, to the people and not just journaling? Because, it can help the people too, I believe and help them discover and understand something around them better.

Why Influx = Outflux?

What if Influx is not equal to Outflux? The thoughts and memory will get stored in the brain, using energy. You will go nuts.

Let’s do this exercise.

Try to watch a 4 hour long video lecture and not take notes and keep everything inside your brain. You will go nuts. Believe me.

If you observe anything in this world, it is always in a dual-mode — like on and off. There is time. So, if you plot on and off concerning time, you get a wave — the fundamental basis of human beings.

This is exactly similar to the fundamental idea of physical existence that

Everything moves in a circle.

Since everything is happening at a different time, you can feel it’s different. If your project is on the level of human experiences, you will feel that you are going in a circle.

So, what’s the point of life?

Let’s keep it for another time.

Let’s focus on how you can enjoy the Influx = Outflux Law?

Practical usage of Influx = Outflux Law

  • Take Notes while listening to something. It helps you organize your thoughts. It is the best-organized way of letting outflux. Journaling about your own thoughts will help you be free of your mental clutter.
  • If you feel you are too heavy, maybe you need to do some exercises to make yourself light.
  • If you are too mentally cluttered, it means you have a lot inside you now, you need to get it out. It’s time for outflux. Either, you can give it some time to let the energy settle down by sleeping or meditating. Or you can channelize the energy doing some other work.
  • You can use this principle to create the mentality of sharing, donating your wealth to people, and keeping you humble, as, at the end of the time, it is going off your pockets. Wealth is also not constant with you. So, every time, practice sharing the wealth with people.


  • Try to find out where Outflux = Influx Law is happening in your life. Observe that it’s happening everywhere around you.
  • Examples: Stock Market, Economy, Energy, Zero-Sum Games, etc
  • Do try to answer the various questions I asked while writing this.
  • Observe that you are always taking information, some kind of data. You also need to learn how to restrict to a proper kind of influx, so that you don’t go mad. For, that you need to be conscious and aware and learn how to focus.

Till then, Srijit signing out.

Stay tuned. Stay blessed.



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