Make your Beautiful Website in R in 5 minutes!

You must have R and R Studio installed in your system. The following steps are for Windows Users. You can get a shiny website like this.


  1. Download Git from here and install it properly.

2. Windows(C) → Program Files → Git → bin → git.exe

3. Copy the path of git.exe by right-clicking and going to the Properties.

4. Go to Tools →Global Options in R Studio.

4. Then go to the Git executable and paste the path copied in step 2.

5. Click OK and Apply and go back to the R Studio console.

Github to RStudio

  1. Go to your GitHub account.

2. Create a new repository.

3. Give the name as

4. Now, copy the link in the black-boxed region as marked.

5. Go to RStudio. Click on New Project as shown below.

6. Go to Version Control → Git

7. Copy and paste the link copied from step 4 in the Repository URL and Create Project.

RStudio Console

Paste the following commands. But the fourth command requires your exploration of the HUGO themes. You can replace abc/xyz by lxndrblz/anatole for my favorite minimalist theme.

Voila, your new website is ready. Now, it is time, to upload your files to Github.

  1. Now, go to the file saved of the name of your Github’s Name.

2. Now, go to that address and type cmd and click enter as shown below.

3. It will open up the following command prompt.

4. Now, just copy and enter the following codes one by one in your command prompt.

Thus, your new site is ready to be published in GitHub.

Further tutorials on how to make posts and stuff can be found here, which are relatively easy since it is just R.

I wrote this post, because, this is the longest path that took me to make a single website, due to various technical failures. Now, I think it will take only 5 minutes for you, for me, it took 15 hours. :D

All the best. Enjoy making your own blogs. :D

If you find it useful, do clap and share it among your enthusiastic peers.

Stay tuned. Stay blessed.



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