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Science as a Medium of Liberation.

The first question, that must come to any sane person’s mind, unlike me is that

“Why do we need to seek liberation?”

Let’s do a simple experiment.

  1. Take a long breath slowly.
  2. Hold the breath for 5–10 seconds.
  3. Then release, exhale focusing on the breath slowly
  4. Try to feel and experience the breath movement.

Go ahead. Do this. Come back, and then start reading.

Hey, you came back.

Do you feel like doing it once again?

Who am I to stop you? :p

Now, I have a simple task for you.

Rate the feeling of the following three based on your experience.

  1. When you inhaled?
  2. When you kept the breath inside you?
  3. When you exhaled slowly?

I believe for everyone, the experience is the following

  1. When you inhaled? → Good, Feels filled up with energy.
  2. When you kept the breath inside you? → Bad, Stressed out.
  3. When you exhaled slowly? → Wonderful, Feels stress free.

This explains “What brings happiness to your life?”.

This explains “What is liberation?”.


Step 1 (Inhalation)

is all about everything you get from anything around you — love, attention, prizes, money, knowledge, etc.

It feels good. But then?

Step 2 (Possession)

is all about possessing the things you have got. You try not to lose, keep it with you for as long as possible. You end up getting stressed out. You end up being sad. This brings friction to your happy life.

It feels bad. Then, what do you do?

Step 3 (Giving Back)

is all about giving back what you have possessed to the person, you have acquired from — the nature, the students, the world, the people, in some form of action. This gives you immense pleasure. This gives you a sense of liberation, a sense of something bigger than you.

But then?

You start again at Step 1 and live your life by minimizing Step 2 as much as possible.

You get. You enjoy. You give away. :)

So, what is Liberation?

When your habit of holding the breath for long goes away. It is not easy. But, when it goes away, we become just like the ball on the ice.

I give it a push (like inhaling) and it goes on forever without any friction, just like Newton’s First Law of motion (exhaling forever).

How can science help us?

By Science, I didn’t mean science as in the textbook or laboratory.

Science is the art of finding patterns around us.

Mathematics gives clarity to science, by saying that 1 and 1.000000001 are different.

Why we are trying to find patterns?

A pattern is not changing, something that is not varying, something that is always true, even if something changes.

In other words, a pattern is a truth, that is existent all around the world.

Simply put, we are all looking for the experience of finding the truth, by our limited human experiences and finding patterns all around us. This is what, I believe science is.

How can science help us in getting Liberation?

The first step is finding the patterns.

The pattern and analogy, I have created for making you understand this.

Whatever you do, there is some pattern — the truth.

Find your own truth.

Find your own pattern.

Each of them will lead to your liberation.

The first step is always knowledge (gyan).

“Joto Mot Toto Poth” (As Many Views so Many Paths) ~ Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

O heart let's return to the real abode. (Mano Chalo Nija Niketane)

Stay safe. Stay blessed.

Liberation is not far from you.


Let me know your views. :)

Let me know, how you felt after doing the practical exercises. :)



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