5 Second Rule, Painted Stork at Lunch, Ranginathittu, India

I am torn apart when it comes to the 5 second rule on dropping food. If you don’t know what is the 5 second rule, please checkout the Wikipedia page on it.

At Ranginathittu Bird Sanctuary near Mysore, India, I was looking at this gorgeous Painted stork, catch a fish, only to drop it. Within a couple of seconds, it caught the fish again. It was like it had a 5 second rule for itself. Within a few minutes I realized why this beauty went about catching the same fish. The area was surrounded by Mugger Crocodiles and if it was not smart in getting its lunch on time, it would have been a lunch for one of the Mugger Crocodiles.

Personally the more delicious the food, the lesser the 5 second rule applies for me. How about you?

P.S: Ranginathittu is one of the best bird watching spots in India. The islands formed between the Cauvery river makes an excellent spot for building nets for the Painted Stork and other water birds.