Afternoon at Lake Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Most visitors to National Parks visit all the popular spots, but if you go to the Visitor Center and talk to a Ranger, they will give you some amazing not so popular spots. We ( My uncle and I ) had an afternoon with nothing to do and we walked into the Visitor Center asking where to go and what to do. The Ranger suggested us a winding road on the top of a hill that shows beautiful vistas of Lake Yellowstone.

She added that there was a forest fire recently and all the big trees are burnt, but there is a new vegetation coming up and that new growth is like a Salad Bar for bears. This was a jackpot opportunity and we drove to see this amazing view. The weather during fall was cold and cloudy which provided this beautiful scenery. We did not encounter any bears but the “Salad Bar” story always stays with us.

It is also common that photographers avoid afternoon thinking they will wait for the golden hour in the morning and evening. If one is looking, there are such amazing opportunities to photograph.
New Books
I am working on a couple of photo books right now. The first one is titled — “Green in Black and White”. It took me a decade to master black and white photography and I wanted to share some of the tips involved in creating Black and White Photographs. More details on the book soon.