Agathla Peak from the Highway, Arizona

I admit, only in Western movies, I have seen such landscapes. The opportunity to witness such amazing nature formations while you are driving is just mind blowing. Agathla Peak is easily visible on the way to Monument Valley from Grand Canyon.

It was a stormy day and one can see clouds reaching almost the ground at the end of the road. I did not think I will have a photo opportunity while we were on the road, but I was so wrong and captured hundreds of amazing photographs.

There is a technique by which one can capture photographs while your car is running. It is BEST that you are not the driver. I never, never take photographs when I am driving. But when you are a fellow passenger, you have the opportunity to capture the scene. I have over the years experimented and have perfected the method to capture photographs from a running Car. This was one lucky opportunity for me to get some great photographs.