Fall Sky, ONroute at Quinte West , Ontario

The Northern Countries have something special about their skies. When the change of season occurs, (summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring and spring to summer), the skies dress themselves up for the occasion and show amazing patterns, colors that defies human creativity. This photograph was taken at the city of Quinte West at an ONroute Location.

Canada is one of the luckiest Northern countries, aptly called the Great White North has some of the amazing skies. I moved to Canada after spending a decade in sunny, warm California. I was immediately attracted to spectacular skies of Canada. This photograph depicts the wonderful cotton like textures of the sky as the season changes from Summer to Fall.

One another great thing about Ontario is the amazing Rest Stops they have on freeways called ONroute. These are not like a regular rest stop you see in the US. They are more like a social hang out place with wide well lit sitting spaces filled with restaurants and TimHortons ! This photograph was taken when I was travelling to Thousand Islands. I took an exit at Quinte West OnRoute to get some coffee.