Garden Flowers, Auroville, Tamilnadu, India

Auroville is a special place for me! If you shrink the world in to a town and put it out there, it is Auroville. It is almost a forest and yet the people who live there live with a passion. They create some of the most beautiful things that comes out of India.

The area used to be a severely eroded and arid land but because of the efforts of the volunteers over decades it is now a wonderful forest with residences for Aurovilians.

There are multiple reasons for presenting this photograph of Periwinkle flowers in Black and White.

  1. Periwinkle, to the Germans represent the ‘Flower of Immortality’.Isn’t that interesting??
  2. From the days of Ansel Adams, Black and White photography has remained an Art mastered by a few and still high in demand. Black and White photography certainly has lived longer and has high value in the world of Smart Phone Photography.
  3. Of Course, Auroville is a place that rose like a Phoenix from a severely eroded region to a fully wooded haven.

I am just so thrilled to photograph Periwinkle flowers at Auroville !

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