Golden Rocks, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

What does one do when the sun goes high and every landscape looks flat to photograph? I go for the details and look for lights bouncing off.

Capital Reef National Park, huge boulders, whose rock fall off from time to time. They are probably doing the falling off thing for over thousands of years. On those huge boulders of rock, one can see cracks forming and erosion changing nature.

On this day, long after the sunrise, I went to the Petroglyph spot at the park and was glancing around to find a good composition. At far, I saw this huge rock glowing like gold and waiting for a perfect day to fall off. I walked fastly leaving my wife behind to capture this detail.

There is a philosophical story behind this rock too. We too glow like gold during our good times, but just as these rocks, cracks are forming all around you and the golden times may not exist for long. So treasure the moments when your days are golden.