Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron, Ranganathittu, Karnataka, India

To be frank, I did not know what kind of bird this was until I got back home from Ranganathittu and started reviewing photographs. This looked like a Kingfisher but the beak was small and the Black crowned Night Heron doesn’t look like this .

As I was googling, I found an article on the Black Crowned Night Heron and how the young ones have a dotted pattern ( as you see in the photograph above) and that the color of the bird changes as it becomes an adult from a juvenile. Wow !!!

That very thought connected the dots for my trip to Bangalore. I was actually there for about two weeks doing a course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The very purpose of the course is to discover one’s right brain and interestingly I learnt that we were good at using our right brain as children. As we grew up, we lost that capability in order to confirm ourselves to supposed societal standards. This NLP course I took, helped me to re-learn some stuff that I had lost as I grew up.

This Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron, is in a way like us. It too loses its color and character as it grows up :)

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