Morning after a Fight, Bangalore, India

I happened to pick up my camera and take some photos after a long time in Bangalore. Thanks to my good friend Mallika. We took some amazing photographs at Ranginathittu Bird Sanctuary and had a lot of fun. But the story didn’t end there. Mallika took my wife and I on a bird watching/photo walk and it was a blast. This photograph was captured during the photo walk very near Mallika’s home in Bangalore.

Now on to the Title of this photograph. We all fight with our spouses, siblings, best friends and pretty much everyone we love. The mornings after such a fight is such an awkward scene. It is worse if it happens to be a Sunday and you are stuck at home. You live under the same roof and yet the emotions are high one cannot see the other one straight faced. I witnessed these Jungle Mainas sitting on different branches on a tree and it suddenly stuck how Mainas too have the same problem as us.

Anyway, usually the morning moods disappear as the sun rises and we give a big hug and forget what happened. That gives us a wonderful feeling.

Dr. Phil, whom I DO NOT admire nor follow had said these beautiful words about fighting between couples.

Here is another article from Dr. Phil about fighting fairly