Owl Rock, Kayenta, Arizona

Owl Rock stands just opposite to Agathla Peak and often one may miss it while driving. But on that day, there was thunderstorms and light was doing its magic shining on and off of buttes and rocks. I in fact saw Owl Rock first despite Agathla Peak towering near by.

One can find both Agathla Peak and Owl rock as you drive on U.S Route 163 from Kayenta towards Monument Valley. Both Agathla and Owl Rock is on Navajo land.

Navajo Code Talkers

It would be unfair if I don’t talk about the Amazing Navajo Code Talkers who were instrumental in creating Code language used during World War II. Based on Navojo language, these code talkers came up with an elaborate way to communicate that the Japanese could never decipher.

Here is the article about one of the last code talker, Chester Nez, who passed away in 2014.