Room View, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

The very best view usually is a Vista Point in a National Park. But there are lodges built by Park Service that can give you some surreal views. At Capitol Reef, the Best Western Hotel has some of the best views a park can offer. It really helps when you are late in the morning for your sunrise photo shoot.

On this day, I got out of the hotel room, set up my tripod and started shooting as soon as I got up. Of course it helps to get a pot of coffee brewing to keep you going.

This is one my best photos from Capitol Reef National Park and the location is just outside the Park system on the back of a Best Western.

My take away from this photograph is — “Sometimes you work so hard to capture the image you want. Some days, nature just does an amazing show that all you need to do is get up and walk a few steps drinking coffee.”

The Best Western at Torrey, Utah