Simple Life, Chandipur, Odisha, India

There is a very popular actor in Indian movies called Rajnikanth. The dialogues in his movies are legendary. For Hollywood movie fans, the dialogues in his movies are similar to ones by Robert Rodriguez (Desperado fame).

In one of his movies the line he says goes like this -

“If you don’t have money in life, money is your only problem. But if you have plenty of money, everything else becomes a problem.”

I spent three days photographing in Chandipur, Odisha and everyday I would see fishermen happy walking to the sea catching fish and come back to sell them in the evenings. Their faces had a charm that one would often find in kids.

Here in this photograph, you can see the fisherman coming back with his daily catch and in the background there are two well dressed corporate folks with shoes in their hands, visiting Chandipur for their vacation.

I have lived a corporate life for sometime and boy I can tell the freedom and happiness one has with a Simple Life cannot be compared !

P.S: There is a wonderful blog, written by my favorite author, Leo Babauta called “Zen Habits.” If your life is complex, read and follow some of tips, it is amazing.

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