Stormy Afternoon at St. Helens Volcano, Washington

Nature weaves a wonderful story at St. Helens. We (My wife and I ) went there during a stormy day and watched the St. Helens documentary at the visitor center. As we were driving towards the Volcano lookout, we saw beautiful dark clouds slowly creeping to the Volcano. Washington is the state where it rains most of the year and clouds are part of the landscape. I wanted to take a photograph of St. Helens without clouds but as I was getting my tripod ready to capture the scene, part of a cloud photo-bombed into the frame.

It looked so beautiful and I captured that moment. We had some heavy pounding of rain for about 10 minutes and the storm quickly cleared up. I felt as if the cloud just wanted to be in my photograph despite my effort for not having it. You plan something and nature says -”I’ve got even better ideas” , so you go with it :)