Sunrise at Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California

Big Sur is a magical place where the mountains meet the ocean. Bixby Bridge is an Arch Bridge on Highway 1 built in 1932. It is probably the most photographed Bridge after the Golden Gate Bridge in California. This bridge and Highway 1 are part of numerous car and credit card advertisements.

I have been very unlucky to not get a good photograph of this bridge despite visiting Big Sur numerous times. Almost everytime, I would reach Bixby late in the morning or in the afternoon. The sun would be right above the bridge making the photographs harsh.

But this time, I planned it and reached the spot very early and reached the bridge. I also did some google map research to analyze which spot would be perfect to take photographs and I realized being on the east side of the bridge would provide the view of the ocean along with the beach. The photograph came out much better than what I had in my head (vision).