Sunset Walk, Corona Del Mar State Beach, California

This photograph is a great illustration of why one should always, always carry their camera gear with them. My wife and I were visiting family at Southern California and we just wanted to have some beach fun during the evening. The gang of about ten people, went to Corona del Mar beach in Newport Beach and we spent a lot of time playing Frisbee. After a few hours, we got tired and were walking towards our car, I saw this beautiful sunset and people walking on the rock jetty.

And this was the moment I felt great about bringing my camera. I took about 20 or so photographs and I found a couple of keepers.

It is amazing when you go to a National Park take some thousand photographs and often end up with just 3 or 4 keepers. It is ridiculous that you go for some fun time to a beach and you end up with such a great keeper. So the lesson here is that always, ALWAYS, carry your camera gear with you. The only time one should not carry a camera is when they feel it is not safe to do so.

There is a personal story here too. So Cal was the place where I honed my photographic skills and learnt how to become a professional photographer. I am indebted to my wonderful family (Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, their Spouses ) who welcomed me to SoCal with warm hearts and made me what I am.

Mucho Gracias !!

P.S: Here is some very interesting info about Corona Del Mar State Beach.