Too much Drama, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

I know that “Too much Drama” comes before the Climax, but what the hell !!

Capitol Reef National Park is indeed a place of too much drama. The rocks tell a story that is so complex and yet you can imagine in your head what will eventually happen. They all fall down :(

Another key element of a drama is that one should be very (or act) surprised to witness the sudden illogical aspect of the drama. Why would be it called a drama if not? :)

The dark shades of the rock converge and surround the pale shades creating a wonderful story. Of course, they all have their weakness. Else why would they have such an addiction to crack :)

Enjoy the drama and if you are able to find the illogical part of it, you are awesome and yeah don’t share that suspense, let others find it in their own way :)

And yeah, if you close your eyes and see this picture, one can hear the grinding of rocks. It happened to me every time as I was taking the photograph and even know as I see it. How about you?