Whiskeytown Lake, California

I come from a family of very creative, philosophical folks. On a creative, philosophical scale in my family, I would be in the bottom 20%. I worked hard to build up my creative skills and thinking. On Philosophy, I have a long way to go. That said I want to quote this line from my uncle for this photograph -

If your day was uneventful, you’ve probably had a wonderful day.

I was going through a very difficult phase in life and I picked up photography to create a diversion from all the gazillion problems, I was facing. As the problems got bigger and difficult, my photography improved a lot :) The truth was that I was able to get inner peace by being in nature and capturing what I felt in my camera.

Back to this photograph, this was one of my very early photographs and was captured during one of my nature trip. I was all by myself, camping and staying at national parks, recreational areas and that brought me many, many uneventful days and that quote stuck with me every night I went to bed in my tent.

“If your day was uneventful, you’ve probably had a wonderful day.”

P.S: Whiskeytown Lake is near Redding, California and not too far from Mount Shasta.