Design for Policy (#Design4Policy)

23rd March, 2019

Devanuj K Balkrishan — Design Educator (Speaker 1)
Yazad Jal — Fellow, Economic Policy at @TakshashilaInst (Speaker 2)
Harsha Krishna Fields of View (Speaker 3)
Srijan Sandip Mandal Center for Public History (CPH) | Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Speaker 4)

“How do we convince the decision-makers to incorporate policy-making in an organization?” (A designer from industry)

“the language around legal interpretation involves…an interpretation (of a law) done in 1898 would differ from the one (of the same law) done in 2019”

“A very good problem statement could still be problematic”

Design Thinking activity by Devanuj Balkrishan



We are a group of multidisciplinary individuals doing a monographic study in the realm of design principles and philosophies to apply in the digital space.

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Pranjal Jain

Design Researcher; Initiator of HCI4SouthAsia; Ex-chair of Srishti SIGCHI Chapter; Startup Community Enabler