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How is COVID treating you?

We all wished for a Sunday seven times a week, and the COVID-19 pandemic gave of us just that. The lockdown has bestowed us with a lot of time to spend with our families. I’m sure all of us have recently discovered that our parents are pretty cool. Enjoying this time with our loved ones while being safe is a privilege. But we all are responsible for taking care of ourselves, and in return, ensure the safety of thousands of others (no pressure xD).

Fear, anxiety, and stress are common outcomes of perceived or real threats, and when we face uncertainty or the unknown. Hence it is quite natural that people are experiencing fear and similar feelings during the pandemic.

Off recently, we have all been looking at numbers reporting active cases and recoveries without actually understanding the meaning of it. In some cases, this can lead to overstress and take a toll on our mental health. We need to make sure that we are mentally sound to conquer these trying times.

Rumors and speculations can fuel anxiety. Having access to authentic information about the pandemic can help you feel more in control.

Follow hygiene advice such as washing your hands more often than usual, for 20 seconds with soap and hot water (sing happy birthday to yourself twice to make sure you do this for 20 seconds). If you can’t wash your hands straight-away, use hand sanitizers, and wash-up, the next time you have access to water and soap.

Keeping yourself busy and not letting your thoughts run wild is necessary. You can do a lot of things like:

~ Bring out your inner MasterChef

~ Re-decorate your room

~ Play board games with family

~ Video call your loved ones

~ Explore online courses

~ Learn new skills that you could never take up

~ Workout and exercise

If you are going through a tough time because of the environment at your home or wish to talk to someone about your mental health, you can contact the mental health helpline no: 080- 46110007 without second thoughts.

When this is over, we will grow as a human to become better at loving ourselves, and at appreciating the smallest moments of our lives. When this is over, we will have a greater love and appreciation for companionship, our environment, our health, and our freedom.

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