From the Publications & Outreach Committee

Dear Sruti Ranjani Readers,

The SRUTI Publications & Outreach Committee (POC) is pleased to present to you the ‘Sruti Ranjani’, SRUTI’s annual publication for the year 2016. As we conclude our 30th year, a few of our founding members take us down memory lane all the way back to the early years giving an inside view of the phenomenal growth of the organization. You can also enjoy looking back at all the events this year by reading the reviews penned by our erudite rasikas.

This year, we are introducing a new reader friendly digital format of this magazine, created and designed by Sruti Youth Group alum, Anil Chitrapu. We welcome you to browse the site and send us your feedback at

Our grateful and heartfelt appreciation to all the contributors of the articles and photographs* that appear in this publication and other SRUTI publications this year.

We wish you a wonderful Holiday season and very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2017.

The Sruti Publications & Outreach Committee

Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions you may find. The articles and reviews in this magazine are published with a spirit of openness of communication and freedom of expression and the opinions contained herein do not necessarily reflect the views of SRUTI, its board, or its members.

Cover design by Balaji Raghothaman
 Saayujya pictures by Mark Garvin
 Pictures of Dr. Balamurali Krishna taken from newspaper archives
 All other pictures taken by Srikant Raghavachari and Srinivasan Raghavan.

SRUTI thanks the following grantors for their generous support this year:

  • The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage
  • The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
  • The South Asia Center at the University of Pennsylvania Samuel S. Fels Fund
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