All you need to know about Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

Increase websites’ trustworthiness with EV SSL Certificates

In the era of frequent cyber attacks, threats and data breaches, identity theft became a huge problem for everyone. We interact, do business, and even live online today, so customers are more and more concerned about the security of their sensitive data, such as financial and personal information.

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the ultimate solution for increasing a website’s trustworthiness. Since most users are now quite versed in online security, they already know that an EV SSL Certificate is a confirmation of a trustworthy, legitimate and genuine business.

By seeing your company’s name along with the Green Bar and the padlock icon, visitors will no longer worry about the privacy of their information and credentials.

These elements will assure them that the website isn’t a fake clone, but it’s a real, trusted website. This is why an EV SSL Certificate is a fundamental feature for any website dealing with the users’ personal information.

What is an Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate is a certificate which is issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) only after performing an extensive verification of the company and owner. For this reason, the validation and issuance process usually takes between one and seven days. Yet, if you keep your company’s records up-to-date, the EV SSL Certificate is issued quickly, typically within a few business days.

This type of SSL Certificate is highly effective in enhancing the trust level of a website. It serves as a confirmation of the business’s trustworthiness, being the best choice for building strong customer relationships based on confidence, safety, and security.

How do Extended Validation SSL Certificates work?

As a result of a thorough examination and validation by the CA, an EV SSL Certificate installed on a website displays the following trust elements: the company’s name, along with the green bar and green padlock icon.

By displaying these attributes, an EV SSL Certificate protects the website from phishing attacks. Visitors feel safer when browsing and making transactions since they see that the website has been authenticated by a reliable CA. This is why these SSL Certificates are regarded as the most reputable certificates on the market.

Types of Extended Validation SSL Certificates

EV SSL Certificates are available in three options:

  • One Domain— secures only one domain; ideal for small websites and online shops;
  • Multi Domain— protects multiple domains and/or subdomains; perfect for complex websites or webstores;
  • Code Signing — secures digital products, such as software or device drivers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Wildcard EV SSL Certificates and there is no direct way to combine these two certificate types. If you need to secure your sub-domains with EV, you should opt for a Multi Domain EV SSL Certificate.

Who needs an Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

EV SSL Certificates should be used by any website or digital good which requires strong encryption, visible trust, and identity assurance. High profile or public facing websites, such as banks, financial institutions, or major brands were the first ones who embraced the idea of EV SSL Certificates because they were often the target of phishing attacks.

However, nowadays, with all the latest security breaches and cyberattacks, businesses and websites start to notice the disastrous negative impact of improper security practices. Therefore, any website which collects data, processes logins or online payments needs increased trust that is provided by an EV SSL Certificate.

Pros of Extended Validation SSL Certificates

  • Establishing customer confidence — the famous Green Bar with the company name being written directly in the URL bar, are both distinctive attributes of an EV SSL Certificate. These elements are considered to bring the highest level of trust, and a certification of a website’s authenticity and legitimacy.
  • High conversion rate — as a result of increased confidence, customers feel safe when making transactions hence are more willing to shop.
  • Customer loyalty — the above two advantages directly translates into loyalty, since customers will likely come back to do more purchases.

Is it worth to spend the extra money on an EV SSL certificate?

Yes, it’s definitely worth spending extra money on an EV SSL Certificate — just read the above pros of this certificate type. An EV SSL Certificate will certainly have a great impact on your website, even if it was recently published.

Why is Extended Validation SSL Certificate costly?

Since an EV SSL Certificate is the most advanced SSL Certificate type available on the market today, its price is higher than of a Domain Validation (DV) or Business Validation (BV) SSL Certificate.

This type of SSL Certificates is slightly more costly because it requires the CA to perform an extensive company verification which takes time and resources.

Until the CAs will come with a new revolutionary, innovative and more secure SSL product, EV SSL Certificates will remain their premium offer with a higher cost.

Is Extended Validation SSL Certificate better for SEO than a regular SSL Certificate?

There is no comprehensive research on whether an EV SSL Certificate is better for SEO than a regular certificate. Thus, it’s impossible to gauge which one is the best choice for SEO purposes as Google encourages the HTTPS migration through installing any SSL Certificate, regardless of its validation type.

Which is the best Extended Validation SSL Certificate brand?

There are 4 CAs which offer EV SSL Certificates:

Every EV SSL Certificate issued by each CA has its own peculiarities, so it’s difficult to judge which one is the best choice.

Symantec/VeriSign EV SSL Certificates are usually more expensive because they come with additional features (such as vulnerability assessment and daily malware scanning) while Comodo EV SSL Certificates are regarded as a cost-effective, optimal choice for a startup or small business.

However, each certificate is a great choice for a certain purpose or budget, having distinct issuance procedures.

The most popular Extended Validation SSL Certificates

There are numerous EV SSL Certificates on the market today, yet among the most favored ones are:

  1. Comodo EV SSL
  2. Comodo Multi-Domain EV SSL
  3. GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV
  4. GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV SAN
  5. Thawte Web Server EV
  6. Symantec Secure Site EV
  7. Symantec Secure Site PRO EV
  8. Symantec Code Signing SSL with EV

Final thoughts

An EV SSL Certificate is essential for websites which deal with personal data, logins or payments.

It’s an effective way to increase customers trust by distinguishing a legitimate website from a phishing site operated by fraudsters. Besides confidence, EV SSL Certificates boost conversions and establish customer loyalty, making them an indispensable attribute of any e-commerce website.

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