Legal Maverick in the spotlight — Patrick Dahm

He is currently the only person qualified and admitted to practice both German law and permitted areas of Singapore law.

Since joining the corporate and commercial practice at Samuel Seow Law Corporation in March 2017, German attorney, Patrick Dahm, has brought his own unique skills set to the table. An expert in cyberlaw, he also specialises in cross border arbitrations and dispute resolutions in the capacities of a counsel, arbitrator and expert witness.

Being keenly opinionated and having a curious mind, Patrick has published a number of professional legal articles and delivered many lectures relating to international arbitration, corporate, commercial and internet law.

His previous roles have included working for the German Embassy in Singapore.

Off work, Patrick loves diving (last overseas diving expedition was in Christmas Island, Australia), watching US legal drama, Suits and not maintaining his own blog, which literally covers everything under the sun. In addition, he is an avid yoga practitioner, who spends at least one hour daily on the yoga mat.

If you have any legal enquiries pertaining international arbitration, corporate, commercial and internet law, feel free to get in touch with Patrick Dahm at

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