Change Log: Afghan Hound

Here are some of our recent notable changes.

When you log into the site, the first place you see is the dashboard. We’ve made some improvements to the dashboard that we think you’ll find really useful.

Users can set their preferred time zone.

Most of us aren’t a fan of doing time zone conversion on the spot, so this was a simple change that improves the user experience quite a bit. There really shouldn’t be any room for error or interpretation with time sensitive information like this, so we want to make it as easy to read as possible.

Users that have not set their time zone will default to UTC. Your current time zone and the ability to change your time zone can be found on the settings page.

Checks sorting has been improved.

The display order of checks on the dashboard has been made more consistent and logical. Checks are now grouped by top level domain and sorted alphabetically by reverse hostname part.

Archived Checks

Checks that have been archived are displayed in a separate list on the dashboard, but in the same consistent ordering that active checks are sorted by. If you don’t have any archived checks, the section won’t appear.

We’ve also made some improvements to checks and notifications. The focus was giving users more control over their existing checks.

Checks can be muted.

Muting a check prevents notifications from being sent for it. Reports will still be processed and you’ll be able to see information about the check, just as you normally do. However, if a check is expiring soon, has expired, etc., you won’t get a notification.

Checks can be muted and unmuted from the check details page. This feature is available to all users.

Checks can be archived

Archiving a check prevents the check from being processed and shuffles it away. Archived checks won’t be listed with active checks on the dashboard and will not be processed.

Checks can be deleted

Deleting a check removes all check subscription information from the system for the user. A check can be deleted once it has been archived for seven (7) or more days.

It is really important to note that it does not remove the check internally nor does it remove the history of check reports. If a user deletes a check but later adds it again, the report history of the check will be available.

Lastly, we’ve made some improvements to the landing page for

This release was code named Afghan Hound. From Wikipedia:

The Afghan Hound is a hound that is distinguished by its thick, fine, silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end.

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