Change Log: Aidi

We are really happy to show off our brand new help and support center. The Aidi update focused on improving the mobile usability of our site and setting the stage for a really important initiative.

We’ve started rolling out content on /help.

At SSL Hound, we want a safer, more secure internet for everyone, and a part of that is making sure that everyone is informed and educated to make the best informed decisions. The new help and support center will give users everything they need to use SSL Hound and learn more about the underlying technologies.

We’ve made it easier to talk to a human.

The contact form has been added to make it easier for you to talk to one of us.

We’ve applied a more mobile friendly look and feel across the site.

While the help and support center was in development, we noticed that some parts of the website really didn’t function as well as we would have liked on a mobile phone.

The new look is still based on Bootstrap 4, but is applied more evenly and with greater attention to mobile and responsive elements. These look and feel changes also bring a better navigational experience when you’re on the dashboard and other pages that require you to be signed in.

The home page.
The check details view.
The chain details view.

This release was code named Aidi. From Wikipedia:

> The Aidi is a North African dog breed used as a livestock guardian, protecting herds of sheep and goats. It also possesses hunting capabilities and good scenting ability. In its native Morocco, it is often paired in hunting with the Sloughi, which chases down prey that the Aidi has located by scent.

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