It’s sorcery! Opeth is back!


The newest album by Swedish progressive metal giants Opeth is titled “Sorceress” and is easily the most anticipated release of the year. It’s scheduled to be out on the 30th of September and heavy metal fans the world over are rejoicing, for it has been a long wait indeed. There’s quite a lot of hype surrounding “Sorceress”, with some people saying that it’s the darkest and heaviest album since “Ghost Reveries”, and gives off similar vibes as that earlier masterpiece. I, for one, am really glad because the latter is perhaps my favourite Opeth album, if even such a thing can possibly be said.

The vocals are all clean this time around, and it would seem the band is moving on from its earlier style of growling. Also, as usual, the album has been produced and mixed by long time collaborator Steven Wilson, who adds his own touch to the music. He has previously been associated with albums such as “Blackwater Park”, “Damnation”, “Deliverance” and “Heritage”, playing an instrumental role in their success.

The title track, “Sorceress” was released as a promo and has a jazzy feel to it, with a quirky bass line that is strongly reminiscent of “Pale Communion”. Mikael Akerfeldt’s vocals remain as smooth as ever. While it’s not the classic Opeth style death metal anymore, it’s still some pretty heavy progressive rock.

The thing about Opeth is how utterly unpredictable they are and that’s what make them so amazing. You can never tell what direction an album, over even a song for that matter is going to take. One moment you’re humming along to a mellow tune and the next headbanging to a brutal riff. Also, each time you listen to an Opeth song, you always notice something new you missed the previous time.

Only time will tell what kind of diversity is in store for us with the release of “Sorceress”, but you can rest assured that it will remind us why Opeth is the most iconic band of the progressive genre.

Vishal Onkhar

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