Know That You’re Sitting

As you sit, know that you’re sitting.
 As you breath in, know that you’re breathing in.
 As you breath out, know that you’re breathing out.
 — Joseph Goldstein, 10% Happier App

Mindfulness is knowing what you’re doing, what you’re experiencing, in each moment. Most of our days are spent doing, thinking, feeling without knowing it. Just responding. Allowing. Following.

During my recent meditation practice, I’ve found Joseph Goldstein’s words above helpful, especially when my mind is particularly distracted or active. His words strip mindfulness to its essence, which is all it needs to be.

Try considering those three sentences as you begin your next practice. You can also extend the idea to other activities. As you’re brushing your teeth, know that you’re brushing your teeth. As you’re rinsing a dish, know that you’re rinsing a dish. Mindfulness shouldn’t stop when your formal practice ends.

Originally published at essential.