Interview: How Red Bull is Embracing Brain Endurance Training (BET)

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Neurocognitive Technician.

Red Bull High Performance

What is it about BET that initially caught your attention ?

Tools for cognitive assessment and training have mainly existed in a clinical setting. This creates a need for “translation and application” to a sports setting. What’s unique about sswitch’s BET platform is that it was designed specifically for sports performance and is rooted in a variety of human endurance research. Our athletes needed a way to effectively train specialized aspects of their cognition in the gym. Sswitch gives us this capability and provides us with an easy way to measure success.

In what ways do you see BET assisting your athletes?

BET is helping induce the mental conditions that they experience during competition. It’s difficult to recreate high pressure situations that they may experience during the finals of a race or heat. BET allows them to experience the mental fatigue that they would have to battle with at those times. Our goal with BET is to give them a new perspective of their limits and help them adapt their mental approach to training and competition. It’s a really unique addition to the training that they are already doing in the first place.

How do you envision the integration of Neuro into high performance sport in years to come?

I think mental performance has been a topic of discussion for a long time and I would argue that the majority of athletes and coaches agree on its importance. I read a stat that said the demand for sports psychologists is higher than it’s ever been. What is great about this technology is that our athletes can integrate it before, during or after their training — or a combination of all three! sswitch is helping us make neuro performance training a more regular aspect of an athlete’s routine, just like strength and conditioning and nutrition are now.

What has been your experience with BET so far?

My experience with BET has given me a new perspective into neuro performance. Red Bull works with athletes in a wide variety of sport, each with unique needs and aspects of performance. BET allows me to develop performance plans on an individualized basis. It takes the guessing out of neuro performance and enables a more direct and effective path toward high performance training.

From your perspective, is BET easy to utilise as a training tool?

From a coach’s perspective, absolutely. Deploying plans and tracking performance measures are both super simple. But I’ve also used it as a training tool in some of my own workouts and I could definitely feel the difference. I felt like I got more out of my workout. I was more tired and drained, but I think that’s a sign of progress. It’s kind of like having a workout partner to push yourself and give you a new perspective on what your body and mind are actually capable of doing.

What results are you expecting to see with the athletes you have using BET?

The first step to making changes in performance is creating awareness. From a neuro perspective, we are hoping to educate athletes on how different aspects of their cognition play a role in their performance and what tools/drills they can utilize to train them. We’re hoping that the use of BET in the gym and on the road will give them the edge they need to outlast the competition when it really matters.

What is the most important thing you think athletes need to understand about BET?

The most important thing is that limits are a matter of perspective. Strength and conditioning pushes your muscles and body to new limits and BET can do the same for your brain!

The inclusion of BET can seem daunting and complicated without the right platform to both, deliver the training AND provide in depth analytics.

BET is without a doubt where elite sport is heading. Integration of BET can be done smoothly with intuitive technology. Soma Analytics takes the details you need, and delivers them simply, so that you can use BET to its full advantage.

For BET we provide two separate tools,

Soma NPT is an application available on apple devices only. This is the TRAINING TOOL that delivers Brain Endurance Training (BET) It contains over 40 drills. Data from the drills performed in Soma NPT can be directly linked to the Soma Analytics.

Soma Analytics is a web based platform. It is the ANALYTICAL TOOL, used to track and analyse the athletes data from the drills performed with Soma NPT. With report generation, program builders and many ways to look at the data, this is the platform that gives BET its full expression.

If you are serious about elite performance, email us to get started or fill in our intake questionnaire

Pricing and assistance options


  • 49 CHF monthly subscription (cancel anytime) This is the web based back-end system and can be logged into from your computer.


  • 19.99 USD (converted to local currency) monthly subscription (cancel anytime) This application is downloadable onto apple iPhone and iPad.

NOTE- Athletes can either purchase the SOMA NPT app subscription from the app store themselves OR coaches/clubs can purchase SOMA ID’s for their athletes via the coaches analytics. Athletes then download the app and use the ID to log in.

Coaches on-boarding discovery sessions


These are designed to give you full assistance in getting set up with the coaches analytics. In a Skype/facetime call we can cover the following,

  • Data analytics
  • Baseline tests and session planning
  • Loading parameters
  • Drill selection
  • Integration
  • Navigation of the platform
  • Personalised advice on the best way to use BET with your athletes in your sport.

Coaches who sign up with 10 athletes or more to SOMA NPT will be entitled to FREE,

  • On-boarding personalised coaches discovery session worth 449CHF via Skype. Understand the drills, how to look at the data and the dosages for your athletes.
  • 56 question pre on-boarding test
  • 67 question theory & practical post on-boarding test
  • We will answer questions about SOMA NPT and brain endurance training and how it relates to your sport.
  • We will follow up Skype with you after the 4 weeks to discuss any further needs and debrief.

Coaches online coaching education in Brain Endurance Training (BET)

This is your chance to get full personalised support regarding BET and the use of SOMA NPT. This is a month to month 45- 60 minute Skype session that is tailored to your specific needs.

550CHF per session

Conversions (subject to change with exchange rates, this is a guide only)

100 CHF = 88 EUR = 99 USD = 76 GBP

To request a booking for one of the additional assistance options, please fill out the intake form below and indicate which options you want to book in for. We will be in touch once we have reviewed your form.


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