Love Always Wins

This past week a friend of mine posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram photos of a church that was covered in graffiti filled with hate speech and disturbing images. The spray painting occurred on a late night a day before the Sunday services. The local news covered the story below.

We are never ready for instances like these. We always think that could never happen! Hate does happen and the world has people who are angry and rage filled. We only have this life to live and it becomes hard to understand where such deep rooted hate emanates from and presents itself in damaging ways. We can only respond one way: love.


Love always wins. Love is how we respond to those who lash out in hate. This church had members on the grounds within hours to help clean up the hate. Members who moved away from the area to various states helped in their own ways. The vandalism took minutes. The cleanup took hours. The cleanup was powered by love. The community came together full with love the repel hate.

The next day the church was open for worship. A community who saw hate scrawled on the walkway and door, came together and worshipped together. After the service, with everything clean, they replaced messages of hate with messages of love.

I love our community. I love how we all come together and worship. I love how we help each other. I love how we look for places where we can help others. I love how we take care of our own property. I love how we care for all. Remember love always wins.

Rev. Chris Hamby is Assistant Rector at St. James.

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