Monday: November 14, 2016

I am fine! The earthquake that struck The South Island of New Zealand occurred when I was sleeping in Tasmania. The last thing the people of this area needed was another earthquake! As you may have seen from earlier pictures, this region of NZ called Canterbury is still struggling from the earthquake 5 years ago. I sent the weekend in amazing Tasmania. Visited a game preserve and feed Kangaroos. I have a whole new appreciation for this animal. Got up and personal with some Tasmanian Devils as well. Also visited Port Arthur a World Heritage Site. This penal colony was the most important and furthest away from England. The stories are powerful and tragic. I will share several stories of this visit when I return. Tasmania is a glorious place with much to admire and relish in God’s creation.

The ruins of the stone St David’s Church at Port Arthur and the smaller church built after the fire after the colony closed. Hobart harbor at sunset, & the dormitory at Port Arthur Penal Colony. One of the harshest in the English Empire
A Tasmanian Devil & feeding kangaroos.

Ron Abrams is the rector of St. James.

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