Saturday: August 27, 2016

St. Louis in indeed a baseball city! Everywhere I go people are wearing Cardinal shirts and hats. Busch stadium is amazing. The statues in front of the stadium are a testament to the Cardinal’s heritage. Of the statues, Stan Musial’s statue towers over the others. Last night was Bob Gibson night. Each person attending the game not only saw a good contest against the Oakland A’s, but also received a Bob Gibson statue. I encountered fascinating fans from all walks of life. Their stories and their devotion to the team and the players has given me some great material to use in my writing. Tomorrow I am off to Kansas City and the Royals taking on the Yankees beginning Monday! Looking forward to last year’s World Series campions playing my Yanks!

Cardinal legend Stan Musial, Busch Stadium, and Cardinal legend Bob Gibson

Ron Abrams is the rector of St. James.

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