Wednesday: August 24, 2016

After watching two exciting games between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Houston Astros I am in Indianapolis on my way to the Cardinal/Mets game tomorrow in St. Louis. The games at beautiful PNC Park could not have been more different with the Pirates barely able to hit in the first game and scoring four runs in the second game. Like life itself, everyday is different even though the field stays the same! At Monday nights game I was journaling and the guy sitting next to me inquired what I was doing. After explaining by “theology of Baseball” tour, I heard his spiritual journey and about how he and his wife were married in the Episcopal Church. I even knew the priest who officiated! The world is small, but the Episcopal Church is smaller! PNC Park is amazing and I had several theological revelations during the games. Hopefully a few pictures will get on the blog in the days to come.

PNC Park, from the inside looking at the skyline of Pittsburgh.

Ron Abrams is the rector of St. James.

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