Forget Religion- All You Need is Gratitude! 🙏

There is no denying that the current state of the world is at turmoil over religion. There are few places of the globe left untouched by religious animosity and an ongoing debate about which religion is “superior” to others around it. If you’re questioning the validity of religion, you aren’t alone. The current political climate has many wondering if organized religion is the way to go- and many experts are leaning toward a belief that it definitely isn’t.

Religion has failed to unite the World!

A common question people ask is, “What does religion even mean?” Is religion the act of believing in a higher power? Or is it a cultural obligation towards congregation or spreading the story of one’s faith? Is atheism- the belief that there is no deity looking over us- also a religion? If you look at the construction of the word “religion” you will find that it is built of the prefix “re” meaning to do something over again and the suffix “ligion,” which is a variation of the Latin word for union. Therefore the word “religion” was meant closely resemble the word, “reunion”. And even though Religion has succeeded to unite small communities, they have failed to unite the whole world. Terrorism is just one prove of that.

So, How do we reunite people according to science?

So how do we reunite with our fellow man? According to various scientific studies, the fastest way to unite with those around you is by showing gratitude for their place in your life. A study done on husbands and wives found that partners who express gratitude for one another tend to stay married longer than those who do not. Similarly, parents who express gratitude to their children raise more well-rounded adults and the family stays close- knit. The answer to why this occurs is simple- feelings of being appreciated release oxytocin from the brain. Oxytocin is a hormone associated with feelings of love and admiration. When someone feels love and admiration for others and loved and admired in return, their psychological sensors are at peace. And what is love but acceptance and union.

Gratitude transforms scarcity into enough, prejudice into acceptance and fear into love ♥️

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has struggled to maintain peace. Many wars have been fought over religion. The real root of these wars, though, is scarcity. When there is not enough of something to go around, the natural reaction of any animal- including humans- is to fight for it. But if you feel Gratitude, you transform scarcity or ambition into enough.

On the other hand, when humanity fights over religion, they are also fighting over a misguided belief that there is not room in the world for all beliefs- that one religion must stand above all or that other religions don’t have a place in today’s world. Religious Prejudice. The early Native Americans would sometimes war over territory- but never over their religious beliefs. Why? Because the early Native Americans appreciated the beliefs of others and felt that there were a variety of deities. “Our God” and “Your God” were not foreign concepts to them. Instead, they knew they could praise their gods for their blessings while appreciating the gods of other tribes for maintaining civility among their followers.

What was discovered with the Native American culture is that they were more willing to show compassion for one another if they realized that a religious feeling was being attacked or repressed. Instead of prejudice, they accepted other tribes. They did not fear one another’s beliefs but instead embraced them as a functioning piece of what makes the world turn and helps people maintain unique personalities. Their natural estate of compassion and gratitude transformed their fear into love and acceptance.

In short, Gratitude is the most powerful and scientifically proven way to unite the world. Why not give it a try?

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