Piece of my mind

Dear bhai,

Congratulations.. for this new life. Its gonna be a fun filled journey. You’ll make new friends, come across 100 different brains, will get to explore new dimensions, plus a lot more. M really really proud of you for keeping your cool this far.

There are just few things I wish you to know and understand before you get to the first day of college. Just tits and bits of advice from an elder sister who has been through the phase of life you are in, has made her set of mistakes.

  1. Above all, knowlegde matters.
    You will come across professors who’ll force you to write long answers for exams. You’ll come across students who do nothing but study for exams, and also those who do everything else but study. Also those who all the time target good internships or job. But remember, at the end all that matters is knowledge. No subject is thrash. It may be boring or irrelevant, but until it’s letting you know something that you didn’t, its worth giving time to. 
     Study for yourself. Not for parents, not for exams or internships, or not for getting ahead of your friends. Do it for your betterment, for your growth.
  2. Make mistakes, but don’t let them go without a lesson.
    Making mistakes is necessary, it helps you come across your own shortcomings and analysis. Don’t be afraid to make misakes, but at the same time, grasp what each mistake taught you.
  3. Something new.
    Never stop learning. Growth can’t be measured in one dimension. Go on.. learn new things. Break existing ones, and make new ones. There’s no limit to what you can do. Keep learning new things. and when i say learning, I’m not restricting it to academic studies only. Learn about games. Culture and food habits of different nations. Music. Anime. Keep reading on anyting and everything that interests you.
  4. Never hesitate asking for help. 
    The world is full of good people. If you’re not getting any topic, ask you friends, ask your professors, ask on quora.. but don’t let that query die. And in turn, don’t hesisate in helping others too. By sharing knowledge it only grows. Professors will be happy to assist you if you approach then with any doubt / help.
  5. Have fun. A lot. 
    Make new friends, roam around with them. No harm in missing a few classes in order to have fun. But never beyond what your consince allows you. I know you, and I know you are sensible enough. Just keep in mind, don’t do things just because anyone says so. Think and act wisely. Use your own brains to take a decision. Don’t allow anyone to take control of your mind and thoughts, be it the people around or any intake. 
     Go out with friends, make memories. But never forget your purpose of being in that place, and act wisely.
  6. Your life is precious.
    There is no harm in trying out everything. But please take care that your life is important. You cannot risk it just for having a little fun. Value your health, its more important that you think. You’ll realise this truely only when you lose a bit of it, but the more firmly you grasp it the better.
  7. Addiction is harmful.
    Addiction does not only include a few intake. In my view, anything that takes control of your abilities to reason is addiction. It may be a cartoon series or a computer game or anything. Try it all, follow stuff your mind allows, but never let then take over you.
  8. Be a good person. 
    That’s probably the most important of all above. No matter how knowlegable you are, how well groomed you are, if you aren’t of anybody’s help, its all in vain. You’ll be amazed of how just passing a smile to stranger can light up his day. Help others. Be kind to people. Be humble and down to earth. Don’t hesitate helping the poor and needy. If you love to eat dosa, don’t hesitate to let a poor kid have that experience as well. If you own branded shoes and clothes, you’re definitely capable of feeding an empty stomach once in a while. If somebody couldn’t get anything explain them without feeling superior. There’s much more to being a good human, but I guess you got my point now. Investing in yourself feels good, but investing for others’ happiness feels godly.
  9. I’ll back you always, terms and conditions apply.
    Don’t ever forget, I love you always. And m always always available for you. You need anything, stuck in a situation, or just wanna share, m der. Just a phonecall away.
     Regarding the terms and conditions, I trust my brother, until he knows what he’s doing. Don’t do stuff which your consince doesn’t allow you to.
     M der. And i completely mean it.