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Jul 31 · 3 min read

A first look into the blueprint for the infrastructure of the new era of transportation

Today, we are proud to announce a collaboration with Electrify America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America, to deploy a dedicated charging facility for fleets in San Francisco, powered by Stable’s robotic attendants and advanced scheduling software.

With the emergence of privately owned electric and autonomous vehicle fleets, we believe this to be a critical first step for building the infrastructure necessary to adequately support fleets in our cities.

Stable is on a mission to reinvent gas stations for this new era of transportation. The cornerstone of delivering on our mission is our advanced fleet data model which gives us the ability to derive data-backed answers to critical infrastructure questions (more on that soon). It has shown time and again that inadequate charging infrastructure will be the single biggest deterrent to large-scale EV fleet deployments, whether autonomous or not. This is made, in large part, more challenging by the distinctly different needs of EV fleet charging compared to regular private cars. Fleets require dedicated facilities, distributed where they need them most throughout a city, and built for highest throughput operation.

Today we’re excited to share Stable 1, the first location designed to meet each and every requirement of high-throughput fleet operation. Stable 1 will serve as the blueprint for what is to come at future locations.

As part of this partnership, Electrify America has provided two 150kW DC fast chargers to Stable’s charging facility, which we will own and operate. Each charger will be augmented with our patent-pending robotic charging technology to allow self-driving EVs to charge with no operator present: vehicles can park themselves anywhere inside a standard parking space, and Stable’s robot will automate the entire charging process. Additionally, the facility will be run on Stable’s scheduling software to ensure each station is available when a vehicle arrives.

Our goal is to ease the burden of setting up and operating chargers so that fleets can deploy faster and more easily, and get back to providing service to their customers.

Electrify America shares our vision. Together, we are both committed to accelerating the arrival of more sustainable forms of transportation.

“We believe that reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure is essential for the accelerated adoption of EVs in the U.S., and recognize that foundational solutions like DC fast charging can be adapted for different charging needs,” says Wayne Killen, director, infrastructure and business development, Electrify America, LLC. “Autonomous vehicles will play an important role in the future of driving, particularly with fleets, and charging options for self-driving EVs will be critical to develop that effort. We’re proud to partner with Stable to be at the forefront of developing those charging solutions.”

With Stable 1, we’re taking a critical first step to solving the infrastructure problem for the new era of transportation, and we’re just getting started.

Stay tuned for more as we begin sharing additional details about this exciting new facility. Learn more about our team and work at and follow us on twitter @stable_auto.


Stable is deploying charging infrastructure for EV fleets

Stable Auto

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Stable is deploying charging infrastructure for EV fleets

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