stableDEX Receives Regulatory Approval

Roderick Warren
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1 min readJul 26, 2019


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Dear Community,

The stableDEX team is proud and happy to announce that our company FineToken OÜ, the legal entity behind stableDEX has been approved and granted the following licenses:

  • FineToken OÜ is licensed by the Estonian FSA for providing services to exchange virtual currency against fiat currency (Licence number FVR000995)
  • FineToken OÜ is licensed by the Estonian FSA for providing virtual currency wallet services (Licence number FRK000887) in European Union

What does this mean for stabelDEX?

By receiving the cryptocurrency exchange service provider license, this allows us to provide decentralized and centralized exchange services to those interested in trading cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency wallet service provider license, meanwhile, permits us to offer e-wallets or virtual token wallets.

In line with our goal of providing services and innovative products to financial institutions and private clients, acquiring the FSA licenses provides trust, and transparency to the stableDEX community. Please share the news.

Decentralized Regards,

stabelDEX Team