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Stably Prime Update — Individual Onboarding Disabled

Hello Stablians!

As we continue expanding our business to connect TradFi and DeFi, we shall now implement the below changes to Stably’s products/services in order to enhance our user experience for both individual and institutional clients:

We are transitioning Stably Prime accounts to service institutional users only. Therefore, new individual user onboarding for Stably Prime will no longer be supported. However, all existing Stably Prime individual accounts will still remain active and be able to function normally.

All new individual users may now instead use Stably Ramp, our latest fiat-to-crypto and stablecoin gateway product that can support individual onboarding for 200+ countries/regions.

To learn more about Stably Ramp, please visit:

For all support inquiries, please visit:

Thank you,
Team Stably



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Stably is a venture capital-backed FinTech startup from Seattle (USA), with a focus on providing asset tokenization and stablecoin infrastructure.