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Stacc X year in review 2020

2020 was a strange year for all. We had projects lined up, but suddenly everything was canceled because of Covid-19. Luckily many of us found a new normal, and we’re proud of all we’ve managed to do despite this weird situation in the world.

Showreel from some of our projects from last spring created by Jørgen Håland


Bulder Bank

Shifter — krisepakkejungelen


Prototype for Quantfolios savings-robot


Nordea Liv

Proof of concept on a green pension app




Property Improvement system



Nordea Finans

Bank logos

Just reach out if you need a collection of all Norwegian bank-logos!


Some of the projects or consultants has helped with over the last year


We’re looking forward to get back to our offices!


  • Stine Neteland joined us in 2019, but last year she became the CEO of Stacc X! We’re very glad to have her worrying for our teams wellbeing!
  • Kristoffer Marthinsen. Kristoffer started amidst closed offices and remote working this spring. Luckily he had worked part-time with us for almost a year before starting. He is a full-stack developer and just finished his Master’s Degree in Information Science from UiB. He is the strongest in our team, regularly deadlifting over 250kg!
  • Lene Whiteley Lene is an experienced iOS-developer coming from TietoEvry. She has during the last year also become a skilled front-end developer. Lene has participated in some of the major international projects X has delivered in 2020 as well as writing several interesting articles.
  • Guro Prestegard Guro has been with us part-time for one year before she finally started full-time with us in August! She is a full-stack developer and has just finished her Master’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences. Guro is our quizmaster, having introduced a weekly quiz to our team. She is also, not surprisingly, the person in our team that has won the most quizzes.
  • Sebastian Øverhaug Larsen Sebastian finished his Master’s degree in Information science and started working with us in August. He has previously worked part-time at Ambita. Sebastian prefers to work on the backend, and has in record time, become an essential part of the team in Ztl!
  • Helene Stenstadvold. Helene starts to work with us full-time from 2021, but has already been an essential part of researching Nordea Finans in the Nordic countries and designing and developing a solution for Trygs underwriters. We’re looking forward to her being done with her Master’s thesis and join us full-time!
  • Bjarne Helland. Bjarne is joining us in March! He is an experienced full-stack developer coming from Profitbase in Stavanger. We’re looking forward to him relocating and being a part of our team!
  • More people in 2021! We’ll also be joined by three new developers in August, as well as a few other skilled people we can’t share yet. But that doesn’t mean we’re done looking for people! We’re in high demand and still looking for more designers and developers. Just send me a message at if that sounds interesting.
Kristoffer, Lene, Guro, Sebastian and Helene


Summer party
Remote Christmas party with supplied drinks and food



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