Announcing our $20k investment into Open Source for All

Eric Simons
Feb 6 · 3 min read

When I first moved to Silicon Valley ten years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Michael Carter, an accomplished entrepreneur & engineer. Michael barely knew me, yet he unquestioningly spent considerable resources helping me when I was at my lowest of lows. I asked him- why?

“Today, I’m in a position to help you. But tomorrow, when you succeed beyond me, I’ll be the one needing your help.”

Two years ago StackBlitz was incredibly fragile. We didn’t have many users, revenue, nor support. But today, thanks to adoption and support from the web community, we’ve become a staple for millions of developers every month & have even been adopted by many open source projects such as Angular (Google), RxJS (Microsoft), and others.

Today, we’re in a position to give back.

I’m happy to share that we’ve partnered with This Dot Labs, a development consultancy known for its work in providing opportunities to underrepresented minorities in tech. StackBlitz has made a $20,000 investment to provide opportunities to those who need their first foot in the door as part of the Open Source for All Initiative.

With only 50% of bootcamp students able to find employment within 3 months of graduation (Dice), we feel passionate about trying to help bridge the divide between bootcamp and a first job.

Our $20,000 investment along with the supply of mentors (senior software engineers) from This Dot will give paid apprenticeship opportunities for bootcamp graduates to contribute to prominent open source projects.

We have over 20 bootcamp partners including Fullstack Academy, Coding Dojo, Prime Academy, Vets Who Code and The Last Mile.

Some comments from our partners:

“It’s tough to go from a bootcamp to an entry level developer role, and that challenge is compounded if you are a minority. Our apprentice program makes it easier for folks to transition to a full time job smoothly.”
Tracy Lee, CEO This Dot

“We have been very happy to work with the StackBlitz team and hosting the Angular documentation code samples on StackBlitz has been great for developers.”
Stephen Fluin, Google

“StackBlitz has been a great partner at helping provide code samples in our documentation, and I admire Tracy’s work with under-represented groups in tech. The pairing for this initiative is great and I expect good things to come out of it.”
Ben Lesh, RxJS

Having access to senior mentorship as well as meaningful open source contributions on your resume makes a huge difference when seeking work opportunities, but this also gives open source projects funded assistance to improve their code & documentation — an amazing win-win.

Those interested in participating in the program as apprentices can apply here. If you’re an open source project who wishes to provide opportunities to underrepresented minorities and have great code examples in your documentation enhanced for free, you can apply here.

Here’s to investing in the future of the web community! ❤️

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News and Engineering from the StackBlitz Team

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