Announcing split-second static deploys for Firebase 🚀

Eric Simons
Oct 29, 2018 · 3 min read
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Deploying to production can be an arduous process: triggering a new deploy is often disjointed from your workflow, and the wait time till a deployment actually goes live can be absolutely brutal — especially when it’s an urgent bug fix.

This is a pain point the Firebase team has crushed head on with Firebase Hosting; their UX & feature set is second to none. So when Firebase originally asked if we’d be interested in integrating the best deployment experience ever into StackBlitz using the new Firebase Management API’s, we were like: heck yeah.

After working in concert with the Firebase team the past few months, today I’m super excited to announce HyperDeploy! 🎉

HyperDeploy is a toolchain that lets you deploy static sites up to 5x faster than local envs — in just one click:

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Actual deploy speed. Don’t blink!

You can try HyperDeploy live now on and its source code is available in our core GitHub repo.

“At Firebase, we are committed to helping developers be successful across every stage of the development cycle. We want to make it easy for all developers to deploy a web app from development to a scalable production environment — as fast as possible,” said Francis Ma, Head of Product, Firebase. “With the new Firebase Hosting integration from StackBlitz developers can experiment, build and then publish code to the world with just a click of a button.”

How it works ⚙

Today Firebase released the new Firebase Management API’s for interacting and managing projects using just oAuth. This is an amazing addition because it allows 3rd party integrations to now run outside of your local environment.

On StackBlitz, we leverage this API in our new Firebase tab that lets you one click auth & choose from your Firebase projects:

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Once you’ve put the final touches on your app, just click “deploy” and your site is instantly built into a production bundle, uploaded with Firebase’s new delta uploads, and is live on prod in mere seconds:

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It’s not usually advisable to deploy prod without staging first 😄. That’s why you can link as many Firebase projects as you want, ensuring all environments are just one click away:

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The core deploy logic is executed serverless and scales great for apps both big & small. Here’s StackBlitz editing & deploying RealWorld, aka “the mother of all demo apps”:

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While HyperDeploy is in beta, we recommend using it for personal projects as bundle size optimizations continue to be implemented. We expect to fully remove the beta label by EOY.

Support for GCP Buckets & other deploy targets are also on our roadmap. Follow along/get involved with development in our core GitHub repo!

A huge thank you to… ❤️

  • The awesome folks on the Firebase & Google Cloud teams 🔥
  • Google, Angular, Nrwl, Kendo UI, Auth0, and all the other amazing patrons who make our work possible 💪
  • The millions of awesome developers (like you!) who use StackBlitz! 🙌

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