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Apr 9 · 3 min read mascot (Jacob) embarking on a new frontier

Big news! Today at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco we announced an exciting new partnership with our friends at Google Cloud. Starting with Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) latest serverless offerings, our integration enables developers to go from idea to production — in just one click.

That’s a pretty tall order- spinning up production grade apps is a lengthy & painful process. You have to scaffold a new project, create a repo, install CLIs, configure & provision a deployment service, create build & deploy scripts, cross your fingers... and then spend hours tearing your hair out on StackOverflow.

Instead, wouldn’t it be great if you could just click a stack, select a cloud provider, choose a repo name and boom- you’ve now got an app that’s deployed instantly & scales automatically?

Launch to Cloud. Warp Speed.

No configuration, no installations, no hassles. With one click on your new app is created, a production build is instantly deployed live to GCP, and a new GitHub repo is initialized for you to start working in:

And with GCP’s brand new Cloud Run, a managed serverless execution platform, you can now use any language & any framework to write serverless applications. So whatever your dream stack is, you can instantly spin up production ready, infinitely scalable apps with it on StackBlitz- in a single click.

The same experience. Now in your browser.

Getting your local dev environment set up can be a high barrier, especially if you’re just starting out on GCP. That’s why we automatically spin up a preconfigured, finely-tuned dev environment powered by vscode that’s already booted & running w/ hot reloading for you—right in your browser:

Lightning fast deployments

Once you’ve put the final touches on your app, just click “deploy” and your app is instantly built into a production container image, uploaded to the Container Registry and is live on prod in mere seconds—no CLI installs/logins required:

Seamless GitHub collaboration

Commit changes, create branches, push to GitHub, and even open pull requests- your same exact git workflow “just works”:

…and this is just the beginning.

Along with serverless, we’ll also be bringing this entire end-to-end experience to other core GCP offerings like Kubernetes Engine, AI & Machine Learning, and Compute & App Engine. The barrier to entry for these tend to be a bit higher, which makes that instant experience feel even more like magic.

Sign up for the Beta!

We’re working around the clock to launch this experience to all GCP developers. Drop your info in the beta signup form and we’ll send you an invite as soon as we’re out of alpha!

Feedback? Questions? Ideas?

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