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4 min readAug 3, 2017

After six months of hard work, I’m excited to finally announce StackBlitz! You can check it out now over at 🎉

StackBlitz is an online IDE where you can create Angular & React projects that are immediately online & shareable via link… in just one click. 😮 It automatically takes care of installing dependencies, compiling, bundling, and hot reloading as you type:

We currently support creating & exporting Angular apps (based on @angular/cli) and React apps (based on create-react-app) with support for Vue & custom templates landing shortly.


There is no greater buzzkill than having to configure deployment & build tools before you can start hammering out a cool prototype or demo. 😒

Vjeux originally identified this problem in his challenge for the best Javascript app prototyping setup and we intentionally designed StackBlitz to complete (and in many ways exceed) his challenge’s requirements.

StackBlitz feels & functions exactly like your local dev environment.

VS Code’s state of the art editing experience—now in your browser. 🛠

Intellisense smart completions (w/ type definitions from npm), Project Search (Cmd+P), Go to Definition, and other key VS Code features “just work” out of the box:

Install & use packages from NPM 📦

Importing libraries is a critical & common part of developing apps. That’s why StackBlitz includes an in-browser npm client that supports installing multiple packages at a time & specific versions (ex: react react-dom redux@3.7.2)

You can also copy & paste code snippets from docs/blogs/etc into the editor and it’ll automatically detect the packages you’re missing 👌

How does it install so fast? Instead of downloading & extracting entire tarballs like npm & yarn normally do, your browser is intelligently downloading only the files your app needs from Unpkg on demand.

Preview & debug in a separate window, just like you do locally 🖥

Say goodbye to the janky iframes online playgrounds force you to use 👋 Every StackBlitz project gets it’s very own unique URL where you can preview & debug live (with hot reloading!)

We intentionally don’t include any noisy code (like analytics calls) on your live app URL, so your console & network tabs always reflect only what your application is doing 🙌

Keep on editing, even if you go offline 😮

StackBlitz utilizes Progressive Web App API’s to run a live dev server in-browser, so you can keep on coding whether you’re in a plane, on a train, or backseat Uber-ing in the rain (!):

Import existing files & folders by simply dragging & dropping them into the editor ✨

No more copy + pasting, uploading, or git commands. Your browser immediately parses local files & folders and rebundles your project in the blink of an eye:

Share & embed 👀

Every project can be shared with others to view/fork & also comes with a revolutionary embed view that puts the full power of VS Code in your Medium articles, blog posts, and docs.

Download & run locally 💾

Clicking the “Export” button will download a ZIP file of your project configured to run with either create-react-app or @angular/cli (for React & Angular projects, respectively)

Your apps are always online 🌎

Your apps never go to sleep and have no bandwidth limits. Share the URL with as many friends, colleagues, and communities as you’d like!

Edit applications both small & large 💪

StackBlitz is the only in-browser environment that can handle live editing “the mother of all demo apps”: RealWorld (view the React and Angular implementations). TodoMVC, one of the most popular demo apps, also runs smooth as butter.

The future is bright ⚡️

We have a ton of awesome features coming down the pipeline (Vue/custom templates support, import/export from GitHub, OTA hot reloading across devices, discoverability/social features, etc) and we’re working on open sourcing the core tech powering StackBlitz! You can follow our progress over at our Github repo.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on StackBlitz — please feel free to tweet me @ericsimons40 or @stackblitz with any questions, feedback, ideas, etc :)

Special thanks 🙏

None of this would’ve been possible without the incredible work done by Guy Bedford on SystemJS and by Michael Jackson on the Unpkg CDN service. These are the two key technologies that really enabled us to pack all of the functionality inside of your web browser with virtually no server-side involvement.

We’d also like to thank the VS Code team for their awesome editor — we ❤ Microsoft!

Finally, thanks so much to my best friends & StackBlitz co-creators @iamalbertpai and @clayschneider who worked tirelessly with me to build this amazing project ❤




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